We are located at 121 Barbaralla Drive, Springwood, 4122.  Find more details on our location page.

At 9:30am there are a range of bible groups onsite for all ages. There are programs and activities for kids, teens, and youth, and for young adults and adults there are a range of Bible teaching and discussion groups which are a chance to grow in your faith journey and meet new friends.

Following these there is a 30 minute break that gives time for people to chat and mingle before the 11am worship services start.

Following the worship services (usually around 12:15pm), there are often guest lunches and afternoon activities.

No! Jesus doesn't care what you wear, and neither will we. While it's typical for many to wear comfortable, smart casual clothes, everyone is welcome just as they are!

Yes. We have a large parking section behind the LDC.  After entering the driveway at 121 Barbaralla Drive, continue all the way down the driveway where you will find a large parking area.  Accessibility and special access parking is available - head down the driveway and turn left and left again. These spaces are located on the other side of the building.

Absolutely!  As you find your way to the main entrance steps, a team of greeters will welcome you, show you around, explain anything you need to know, and maybe even suggest a particular class group or worship service that may suit you. Please let the guest services volunteer know if you would like them to introduce you to others who may have similar interests.

Yes. All of our young children must be signed in and out by the parent. At sign-in, you will receive a unique ID sticker for your child to wear until you sign them out again. 

More information about Kids and their safety can be found on the Kids Page.

We are one church with two worship services - Front Church and the Life Development Centre (LDC). Both are Christ-centred, Bible-based and intergenerational worship services, but they vary in format and style. The service in the 'Front Church' is a more traditional format, and the service in the LDC has a more contemporary style.

On certain Sabbaths, we have combined lunches served at the church. Check our events page or news page to see upcoming guest lunches.  If you are visiting, let one of our guest services volunteers know you would like to join someone for lunch and that will be arranged happily!

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