Privacy Policy

Policy Updates

The Church may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time by having the amended version available on our website at We suggest that you visit our website regularly to keep up to date with any changes.



Springwood Seventh-day Adventist Church and Life Development Centre (the Church) respect and uphold your rights to privacy protection under the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended).

We collect your personal details to administer your relationship with the Church, to provide any personal ministry, and to provide you with information on Church events and ministries.

We only collect information where it is necessary to do so to provide a service to you or where we are required by law to do so (E.g. Child Safety.) Without your personal details, we may not be able to interact with you or provide ministry opportunities.


Information We Collect

The sort of information we may collect includes:

  • Name and Address
  • Phone numbers and email addresses so we can communicate with you
  • Family member details
  • Details of donations/offerings where receipts for taxation purposes are required
  • Communications you have with us (e.g. letters, prayer requests)
  • Your involvement in ministries, so we can provide a meaningful ministry relationship
  • Records of visits, phone calls and pastoral matters
  • Information you provide in surveys, registration forms, conversations, emails and online

We endeavour to keep personal information up to date and accurate. We will also endeavour to protect your personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. If you want a copy of this information, please write to us. You can request us to modify your personal data if you believe it is not accurate, complete or up to date.



The Church will not disclose personal information about you to any person except (1) on a confidential basis to members of the Church or to those who have regular contact with the Church in connection with the Church’s activities in order to provide a service to you, (2) on a confidential basis to agents and other service providers that the church uses in the day to day operations of its activities such as the manager of the Church’s management system; or (3) with your prior consent (for example in a church directory).


Data Storage

If any personal information collected by the church is stored or managed by a third party on behalf of the church, the Church will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information will be held, used and disclosed by the third-party consistently with the National Privacy Principles. The service provider managing the information for the Church may store certain personal information outside Australia. You consent to the transfer of your information outside Australia by submitting your personal information to the Church.


Online Security

We have a public web site at which is available to anyone. There is no personal data stored on this site.


Video Recording and Security Cameras

The Church records video or images of services and activities for promotional, teaching and information purposes. By attending these services and activities, you consent to the church taking the video and images and using and disclosing them for such purposes. To increase security for people and the Church’s property and facilities, CCTV cameras have been installed in some public areas. Any data collected will only be used for legitimate security reasons and in accordance with the church Privacy Policy and not published for any other reason.


Children’s Online Meetings

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, Springwood is conducting online meetings until further notice.

The Church believes that the safety and security of children and youth, along with their leaders, is paramount. This policy explains what The Church does to ensure this safety and security in relation to electronic meetings.

The Church will (to the best of its ability) record all Zoom or similar online meetings with minors for both the safety of the minor and that of their leaders. These recordings will be stored in the Zoom or equivalent cloud and accessible by the Pastoral or Leadership team as required, and will be stored for a period of at least three (3) months. These recordings may also be given to the police or other legal entities in the case of an incident or as legally required.

These meetings will be conducted where possible via a church owned account with Zoom or its equivalent, and trained adult leaders (with Blue Cards) will be present at all times. Please see the Class Video Recordings document we will be following in our online meetings.

By joining these meetings, or allowing your children to join these meetings, you are consenting to the recording of these meetings and the storage of these recordings as per our policy listed.

Please note that:

  • Larger online meetings may divide into smaller breakout groups within the main meeting. Each breakout group will have adult leader/s with the group recorded.
  • Parents of children aged less than 13 years of age are encouraged to be present for meetings, either with or near the child, including any breakout groups formed from the main meeting.