Pastoral Team

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Paul Goltz
  • Lead Pastor

Advisory Team

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Paul Goltz
  • Lead Pastor
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John McMurtry
  • Lead Elder LDC
Jan Took
  • Lead Elder Church

Springwood Leadership Council

  • Chairman, Lead Elder (Admin)   Loren Justins
  • Church Clerk    Angela Biddle
  • Lead Pastor   Pr Paul Goltz
  • Associate Pastor   Pr Joe Azzopardi
  • Lead Elder (Church)    Jan Took
  • Lead Elder (LDC)    John McMurtry
  • Care Ministries   Carol-Joy Patrick
  • Treasurer    Carol Bartlett
  • Digital Ministry Coordinator    Kent Watson
  • Communications Leader    Russ Willcocks
  • Elder (Church)    Malcolm Potts
  • Elder (LDC)    Mark Passfield
  • Audio Visual    Leighton Donaldson
  • Worship Leader (Church)    Lorraine Ferris
  • Children’s Ministry    Belinda Wade
  • Building Committee    Lee Cameron
  • Prayer Ministry    Robynne Roussos
  • Guest Services Ministry (LDC)    Kerad Lawson 
  • Social    Shanyn Cantrill
  • Youth Ministry    Gabby Shaw
  • Young Adult Ministry    Tyrone Rebolledo
  • Facilities Manager - Dave Patrick
  • SS Coordinator (Church) - Kevin Brown
  • Safety & Compliance Director - Daryll Hall


Our Church Ministry Structure is attached below.

Church Decision Making

As members of our church family, you are able and encouraged to attend our (typically) quarterly Springwood Membership Meetings (SMM, formally known as Business Meetings or Church Family Meetings) and raise any thoughts or concerns, and in turn, ask the Springwood Leadership Council (SLC) to look into something further.

The SLC (formally known as the Church Board) meets each month and does the work of the church at large, and takes its guidance from either the SMM or leaders nominated and voted into the SLC by the church body.

The Springwood Advisory Team (SAT, also known as the Leadership Team or Adcom.. I personally would have liked Springwood 'Church' Advisory Team so we could be called SCAT, but alas I lost that one) is a group typically comprised of the pastors and head elders, along with one or two lay members.  This group meets each week and looks at issues the SLC has asked it to investigate further, or it brings items to the SLC that needs investigating, before potentially taking it to the SMM.

I know this is all a mouthful, but this should hopefully help you, the church family, understand a little better how decisions are made.  The names of the people involved in these groups are publicly available above and have been nominated and voted by the church (or asked by the SAT or SLC to help advise as required).

We endeavor that after each monthly SLC meeting, we will list items that are being worked on and any challenges that may be faced in our monthly eNews.  You can then make direct contact with questions, thoughts or prayers as required.

Obviously, there are some items discussed at the SLC that are not for public broadcast, and a private meeting with a leader will be required on those topics.


Loren Justins

SLC Chairman