What to Expect

Here are some answers to common questions.

Springwood KIDS partners with families to influence the faith of this generation to lead kids to love, worship and serve our Saviour.

  1. We want to partner with parents.
  2. We want Kids to know that they are loved by us, and loved by God.
  3. We want kids and families to feel they belong.
  4. We want kids and families to act on their faith and love for Jesus, and know they have purpose.

At Springwood KIDS we are committed to providing our kids with a safe environment and creating a place of belonging as we partner with families to influence a child’s faith formation and lead them to love, worship and serve our Saviour. 

Visiting us for the first time? No fear! Look for Kids Check-In when you arrive (greeters will guide you). We will meet your family, check your child in and one of our team members will lead your child to their age appropriate room. We can’t wait to meet you!

  •  Planning Centre Online is a secure check-in tool we use at Springwood KIDS.
  • Parents/carers familiar with the service are able to check themselves in using either the computer or tablet and print out stickers for their child.
  • New to Springwood KIDS families or less frequent attenders are to be checked in by our Check-In team volunteers and stickers are to be printed out.
  • Two stickers will be printed.  1) A name tag to put on the child and 2) A check-in receipt (collection sticker) is given to the parent/carer for their child/children.
  • Parents/carers are to be given the check-in receipt for their child/children and are asked to keep this with them.
  • An adult must accompany and check each child in at the gate to the Springwood KIDS area.
  • Children are to have their sticker on them where it is visible.
  • All adults will be required to show their collection stickers to enter the KIDS area and to collect their children.
  • Visitors into the Springwood KIDS area without an accompanying child will be required to sign in at the check-in station and wear visitor ID tags/lanyard 
  • All Springwood KIDS Team in the Springwood KIDS area must wear a name tag. Parents/carers are to wear their collection sticker inside the Springwood KIDS area.
  • Please ensure the gates to the Springwood KIDS area remain closed at all times, except when children are entering the area to access their group rooms.
  • The parent/carer will need to bring their matching sticker along with them to collect their child from Springwood KIDS. If another adult (e.g. Aunty, grandparent, teen or older sibling) is collecting the child the collection sticker must be passed on to them to present at check-in.  
  • Children are to remain inside the gate in the Springwood KIDS area until collected by an adult with the matching collection sticker.  This is for the child’s safety.  Parents can be contacted by mobile phone if required by accessing the database. 
  • If a child needs to use the bathroom facilities during a program, a volunteer from the check-in /welcome team may be asked to chaperone another adult accompanying a child to the bathroom facilities near the check-in station.  This volunteer must be over 18.  Taskforce Junior Leaders should not be asked to chaperone a child to the bathroom. This only happens occasionally.  No adult is to be alone with a child at any time unless they are the child’s parent (Please see bathroom policy for further information).
  • An adult must present a matching sticker to the check-in volunteer to collect their child. The stickers will then be given to the check-in volunteer as the child leaves the gated area. Note: If a caregiver has lost their pick up receipt to collect their child/children they may be asked to present their Medicare card, driver’s licence or photos on their phone of their child/children.
  • Please ensure the gates remain closed at all times except when a child and adult are leaving the gated area.
  • Older children from other groups e.g. Ignite/youth are able to enter the Springwood KIDS area after they have signed the visitors register and are not permitted to move in and out of the gated area repeatedly at the end of the programs.  This is to ensure the safety of younger children remaining inside the gated area.
  • o   The Springwood KIDS Check in / Welcome Team will be in place until 10.50am to assist parents with checking out.  If children have not been collected by this time, the parent will be contacted by phone when practicable. If the parent is unable to be contacted, the leader for that child will take them up to church to sit with them until collected by their parent/carer.  A sign will be placed on the group room door to inform the parents which service they will need to collect their child from (ie church or LDC), and the parents will be sent an SMS informing them of this.

At Springwood KIDS we are committed to providing our kids with a safe environment and creating a place of belonging as we partner with families to influence a child’s faith formation and lead them to love, worship and serve our Saviour. We recognise that we have a duty of care for our precious kids and these procedures (based on information from Risk Management and Safety, South Queensland Conference and the Local Church Child Safe Policy) have been designed to protect not only them as they attend our programs,  but also the volunteers and leaders working in this area.

  • Coordinator Belinda Wade
  • Music Kids Cienna Smith
  • Sparks Leader Candice Vogel
  • Lighthouse Leader Michelle Dever
  • Powerhouse Leader Denton Wade
  • Ignite Coordinators Juanine Passfield & Premeena Quick
  • Adventurers & Bilbies Kevin & Karlene Segovia
  • Springwood Kids Social Media Kelly Byrne
  • Playgroup Belinda Wade (Lead) Jenni Pugh
  • Mummy Meals Melinda Wareham
  • Mums & Bubs Leader Michelle McLeod
  • Child Check-in Boris Cardenas (Lead), Scott Bremen, Roger Meany, Leigh Sheldrick, Raz Gazhali
  • Parents’ Café Sally Watson Hall
  • Taskforce Jenna Morgan