We value...

Authentic worship

We are sinners, saved by God's grace. Sincere worship is our love-response.

Sincere following

We are grounded in God's Word and led by His Spirit who enables our transformation.

Spirit-led Influence

We prayerfully seek opportunities to show and tell God's story with passion.

Inclusive Community

We welcome seekers, doubters and prodigals with unconditional acceptance. Becuase God loves all, we love all.

A lifestyle of Worship

As beloved children of God, we embrace holistic living (mind, body and soul)

Grounded Identity

As committed Seventh-day Adventist believers, we remember our heritage and live our faith with courage and purpose.

Proactive Mentoring

We recognise the potential and contribution to God's kingdom by ALL, and seek to nurture each calling.

Safe Home

We support and provide a safe place for those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Lavish Generosity

We actively seek opportunities to give of our spiritual gifts to bless where there is need. It's an honour to be generous for Jesus and His mission.


Download our values mural below.