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As you know, we have been experimenting with our check-in process and have been listening carefully to your feedback along the way. Thank you for your patience with the changes - we have been greatly encouraged by the way you have worked with us on this!  

The goals we are working toward   

  • make things as simple as possible for all attenders
  • better connect our church family through knowing who is new at Springwood, missing, wanting info, wanting to serve etc 
  • look toward a single, simple sign, rather than having 3 separate sign in desks for Front Church, LDC and Kids’
  • meeting the Government requirement that ALL attenders are signed in  

We were going to wait a little longer, but have decided to introduce it THIS week, and we think you’ll find it simple.

A Simpler Check-in as you arrive this week  

  • Our Greeters will meet you as usual as you arrive at church
  • Check in will take place at the top of the entry stairs (for ALL attenders, and ALL services)          
    • Families with young children (up to and including grade 6) and first-time guests will check in at the laptop (Parents and Children   will receive Name stickers as usual)          
    • All others can Check-in with one of our mobile Check-in volunteers who will be carrying a mobile device  
  • The Check-in volunteer will ask for your SURNAME or PHONE NUMBER, which they will use to Check you and your family in  

What if I enter the building from another entry?

  • If you do, you will still need to sign in with the Check-in volunteers in the Breezeway. The rear stairs are for exiting the building, not entering the building, and will be closed to entry.  

Am I required to Check in?

  • YES it is a COVID requirement that ALL of us check-in, using either our simple system, or the Qld app, or a paper check-in.  

Can I still use the QLD app?

  • Yes if you wish to, but you will need to show your Checked-in screen to a Check-in volunteer. Because we are not a business we are not required to use the QLD Check-in app - which is simple to use, but doesn’t help our care teams know who is and who isn’t at church.. so it does make it hard to care for people! That said, some may wish to share their attendance only and directly with the Government and can do so using the Qld app. There will be posters for this at the sign in desk.  

Can I still use the paper/ manual written Check-in?

  • Yes of course if you feel you feel you need to, but you should also know that we are still required to re-enter your details in our system for the Government COVID attendance records, so actually it doesn’t make a difference to your information.. its just more work for you and the Check-in volunteers!)  

What if I come early and somehow miss the Check-in team?

  • Please ensure that you make time to Check-in when you can - its important!    

Thank you again for being part of the process - and this is also a great chance to thank our many greeting and check-in volunteers (including the 10 new ones who signed up last week) for their ministry to the church family and our guests each week.   If you have further questions about the process, feel free to let us know - we will be happy to answer these for you. Otherwise we look forward to seeing your smiling face on Sabbath! (And if you love people and would like to join our growing Welcome or setup teams - please let us know!)