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Today 10:00am


Springwood Adventist Church is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the theme "Planted". The celebration starts at 10am on Sabbath May 13th, with a special service that will highlight the church's rich history and the important role it has played in both the local and Adventist communities.

We have some wonderful speakers who were previous pastors at Springwood, along with items, choirs, orchestras and other segments highlighting the history of Springwood Adventist Church. 

Following the service, there will be a combined lunch where members of the church community can come together to share stories and reminisce about their experiences at the church over the past 50 years. The celebration will also feature other activities that will showcase the church's commitment to its mission and values.

The "Planted" theme reflects the church's deep roots in the Springwood community and its unwavering commitment to spreading the message of God's love.  The Tree has been used at Springwood for some time now, also showing nurture, growth and other branches of Ministry. The church has been a fixture in the community for half a century, and the celebration is an opportunity for members and guests to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

The Springwood Adventist Church invites the whole community to join in this special celebration of its 50th anniversary.

That evening, there will be a 50-year themed Talent Show, helping to raise funds for the Springwood Youth.



Start time - 10am Service in the LDC (extra space in the Ivan Lovell Hall and Front Church on the day).

Sabbath school - No Sabbath School classes will run, but the church cafe will be open from 9am. Come and enjoy a reunion with friends!

Lunch - A combined lunch will be enjoyed together after the service on the church grounds. Bring chairs and picnic rugs please!

Afternoon - We will spend time looking over old photos, catching up with long-lost friends and enjoying each other’s company after lunch.

Evening - At 6:30pm we will be running a Talent Night, running with the 50th theme, based on 50 Years of Music!  This will be a fundraising event for Stormco run by Springwood Youth.

Lunch Details

You can help us by bringing a 2 litre tropical based juice to church this Sabbath.

On the day, you can help by bringing a dessert (no fridge space, so only desserts that do NOT need cooling such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, lamingtons etc).  If you could list any ingredients that would be helpful, especially with diary, nuts, eggs and gluten.

Haystacks will be provided on the day for everyone attending our 50th Anniversary Celebrations.  If you could bring any chairs or picnic blankets, that will help as well.  Plates and utensils will be provided as well.


Talent Show